What’s Your Project Management Challenge ?

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Every employee managing projects has them, whether they realize it or not. Challenges. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some common ones are:
1. No published list of action items from the last meeting
2. Not enough resources – people or $
3. Lack of time to get your work done
4. Absence of senior management commitment
5. No organized way to track your portfolio of projects
6. Overlapping meetings

What other’s would you add to the list?

Some keys to success:
a. Have a system to track projects, first at the strategic level, then at the tactical level.
b. Be able to access to project information on your mobile devices; it’s more convenient than having to carry your pc with you, everywhere you go.
c. Lead by example – leaders set the tone, motivate the team, and don’t profess to have all the answers.

These are just a few keys to successful project management. Interested in learning more? Contact the author @ daveo@projectma.com.

About Dave Oshlag

W5Templates CEO & Founder and President of Project Marketing Associates, a company in the business of assisting leaders deliver results without increasing overhead. Dave's passion is project management. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon's Engineering and the University of Chicago's Business programs, he offers a practical and results oriented approach to CRM and Project Management based on 25+ years of experience.

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