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Last week, CMU wrote an article on the 5 W’s of Project Management which covered the origins and features of W5 Templates. Carnegie Mellon is a private research university that is widely known and respected around the globe for its innovation and forward-thinking.


Here’s a quick excerpt from the article:


Using the “5 W’s” of who, what, where, when and why as an organizational structure,  W5Templates is a customizable project tracking system that is simple and affordable for small business owners.


W5Templates was founded by Dave Oshlag (E 1983), president of Project Marketing Associates. He was looking for a better way to organize his own projects, and nothing was fitting the way that he did business — he wanted things to be quick, flexible and not overly complicated.


So he did what all good entrepreneurs do; he built his own system. Using Excel, he created a new tracking system. At the same time an existing Fortune 500 client asked him to update an existing financial tracking system built in Excel. Oshlag knew he needed outside resources, with a very specific area of expertise.


Oshlag went back to his alma mater. He talked with faculty and staff in CMU’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and posted the opportunity on the job board for students. Justin Wagner (E 2012) responded. Oshlag was impressed.


“Not only did he tell me what he could do, he had a demo of it in action,” Oshlag said.


For the full article from CMU, follow the link and head over to their page: http://bit.ly/1MomcxB

If you’d like to try W5 Templates for your business, you can download your free trial now.

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