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Joe Lysaght, Printing and Marketing Services

After using the W5T CRM system I found it to be very dependable, easy to use and customize for my specific needs. I have tried other CRM methods and tools during the past 25 years in sales and this is the best in my opinion. The W5T CRM system is easy to install and setup as I had it functional in about an hour. There is no need to bounce from various screens to collect client history –  As I especially like the dashboard showing all my contacts, and listing everything I need including, quotes, projects, conversations and follow-up dates all on one page. The W5T mobile app is also a great tool when on the road allowing quick access to phone numbers, Google maps and to view or add client conversations and follow-up dates. Simply put, the W5T system gets the job done while being easy to use, reliable and with great customer service.

Gary Friedman , President / Owner, Trust-Franklin Press Co.

We implemented the W5T CRM Sales system as a way to execute our sales “cookbook” for success.  The objective was to get management and our sales team on the same page, tracking prospective and active clients using a consistent set of terms and methodology.  The benefits we see from using the W5T system (template and the smartphone app) are:

  • Keeps the sales team organized and on top of active projects
  • Great way to monitor re-occurring jobs for priority A and B clients
  • Easy to use
  • Beneficial for production planning
  • Color coded reminders are very helpful
  • Reduced need for internal meetings as managers have visibility to due dates and client status

Dan Coll, Senior Executive

I evaluated and demoed many of the commonly used CRM options available in the marketplace and was within days of pulling the trigger.  This was my first endeavor into CRM’s and I was really looking forward to all the benefits and efficiencies I would be gaining.  Then as chance would have it I met Dave Oshlag the founder of W5 Templates at a local business function.  After seeing W5 Templates in action and realizing it had everything I needed at a fraction of the cost of the mainstream CRM’s it was a no-brainer.  I have been using W5T daily and can say that it has absolutely streamlined my sales process and helped to strengthen my client relationships.  I highly recommend that anyone exploring CRM’s or anyone using another CRM to explore W5 Templates for their business. 

President, Grau and Associates

The template itself is incredibly flexible. I can change the categories, manipulate its appearance, I can link my client and my client’s projects, and the relationships to my own document database via hot links. I can print it out – either the whole thing or just sections of it. It’s effective.

Sales Representative, Electrical Supply Company

The template is so user friendly and easy to navigate through that it takes less than an hour to learn. I do not have to spend hours during my day sorting through paper work to find critical information anymore. It lets me bring up key information about my customers in a matter of seconds. This really helps when I’m on the phone with a customer talking about a quote. W5T allows me to stay up to date on all my sales leads, making sure I don’t forget to follow up with my customers.

Director Strategy & Business Development, Loyalty Research Center

After navigating the complex world of CRM products in the market, we were delighted to find W5 Templates. It helps us track and mange contacts in a simple, effective and flexible way. While other solutions were high maintenance, making big demands on resources for marginal gains, W5T allows us to stay focused on serving our prospects, while it serves as an efficient productivity enhancement tool.

CEO, Precise Energy Partners 

We recently decided that we needed a CRM program for our business but felt that some of the more well known software programs were too complicated and expensive.  When I found your CRM Excel template I knew that I had exactly what our company needed.  It is so easy to use … during the past six months as we have grown substantially, the template is still working for us beautifully.  Thank you for creating a CRM product that everyone can use and that keeps our entire nation-wide client list in perfect user friendly order!

Health Care Manufacturer Sales Manager, United Kingdom

Finally, I’ve found a CRM system that is simple and easy to use and further more requires minimal training because it is based on Excel. I find it great for tracking all my contacts, tender deadline dates and forecast figures. The fact that it is based in Excel means that I am able to use the Sales CRM Template as a portal to all my accounts and use the hyperlink feature and other Excel functions to link to folders, OneNote and my forecast spreadsheet. There’s loads more I’m figuring out as it is so flexible – well done to the team, a really smart product!

Small Business 

Mary Birks | Executive Director, Outreach Teen & Family Services

As a nonprofit agency, our funding partners require outcomes and evaluation measures that we simply did not have the capacity to develop. Enter W5Templates! Working with Dave and Justin was a true partnership, requiring creativity and trust; both were achieved and surpassed our expectations! They were with us every step of the way as our unique database went from ideas to implementation. We will be able to better address the needs of our clients, and we look forward to reporting out to our external stakeholders in a more meaningful manner.

Pat Hahnel Renner | Owner, Treehouse Sweets

I found W5T to be a good fit for my small business needs as it is flexible, simple to operate and maintain which were critical features to me.  As a small business owner I was challenged with customer management and concerned that potential sales were being lost from lack of efficient tracking.  A friend recommended that I talk with Dave who helped me to modify the W5 template to my business needs.   Having all sales contacts and records at my finger tips has been a valuable tool in growing my business and now updating my W5T notes is my first and last task of the day.  It acts as the Personal Assistant I wish I had!

Owner, Financial Peace for You | Financial Literacy Educator

As a solopreneur I spent many months trying to create my own project management Excel spreadsheet, which with my less than stellar knowledge of Excel ended in failure … After trying the W5T demo I was sold!!!  The program is easy to use, intuitive and best of all colorful!!! It helps me to keep track of the many hats that I wear.  I especially enjoy the mobile app as it allows me to quickly take notes after meeting with a client or giving a presentation which allows me to capture ideas/thoughts/impressions as they are fresh in my mind.

Consultant, Talent Management | Human Resources

Finding a product to fit my behavioral style in keeping in close contact with my clients was imperative for my consulting business. I know how I work:  I work very hard in getting results and keeping in close contact with my clients. I do need detailed information however, I need it quickly. I am always multitasking so I needed something to fit me.

W5T was able to help me to: 1) Get result quickly, 2) Provide me with enough detailed information but not too overwhelming in constantly having to put information in all of the time, and 3) Feel close to my contacts  in knowing what I spoke to them about in the past and where we are going in the future.
Whatever the job task is and whatever the individuals’ behavioral style is, W5T can help to fit this resource into your line of work. I am so happy I found this!

Principal, Law Office of Rebecca Begelman Strub

I use W5Templates CRM to keep track of what I need to do next for my clients in my law practice and so much more. I can keep track of progress on outsourced projects or important deadlines such as CLE requirements. W5T’s customer service is top-notch; any questions I’ve had have been addressed quickly!

President, Delta Trading Group, Inc

Since using the W5 Template the chaotic way I have managed my business has now changed to doing business in an organized way. I consider myself a novice computer user, yet setting up the W5 Template was very easy.  I highly recommend this product.

Partner, PMC Management Company

Property Management is chaotic on the best of days.  With the W5 Template for Real Estate I have the luxury of a simple-to-use program that replaces my need to remember every detail for every unit.  No longer do I ask myself, “What have I forgotten?” Because I know the moment I open the program that I will be reminded.  This  product is control and simplification at its best.

Vice President, Wealth Advisory Firm

Since investing in this template, I have found the developers to be very responsive and helpful.  This tool had definitely helped me manage and track sales leads, and has a very intuitive user interface.

Founder, Educational Consulting Company

The template allows me to easily organize and keep track of email communications by inserting conversations I’ve had with clients.  I can see the communication history with a click of the button!

Project Management 

Marketing Director, Guardian Storage

So many project management tools are cumbersome and frustrating to use, this one makes project management a breeze. I would recommend this template to anyone who is looking for a really simple and effective way to organize his or her day, week, month or year. By using this system I have been able to cut my daily task organizing time in half! With 30+ projects in my queue, the customizable fields allow me to see the information I need quickly so I can build my daily task list in under 5 minutes. Thanks for creating such an easy to use project management tool.

Open Innovation Manager, Fortune 250 Company

Great product for open innovation relationship management. Allowed for easy set up and configuration according to how I wished to see the information displayed. See this being a good project management tool as well.

Market Manager Strategic Growth Platforms, PPG Industries

A simple and easy to use tool that has helped me organize and capture company names, contacts, and relevant information for exporting and sharing information with other people at PPG.


Accident and Disability Lawyer, John Fagan (Video Testimonial)

The key is you must be able to drill down into the Prevail Database. With W5T we’re now able to see where every case is in the system and why it’s not moving. If we had to choose one word to describe our experience with the W5T Dashboard system, it would be ~ relief.

Managing Partner, Jackson & MacNichol 

I use an excellent database in my law office. I’ve had a very good experience with the software company in delivering functionality in our case management and document production system, however I needed a series of reports for office management.  After casting about for a while and considering such things as layering a CRM system on top of our database, another attorney … told me about W5 Templates. We engaged W5T for a custom project and despite a number of distractions at my end, the management reports we needed were delivered on time and on budget. I would recommend W5T to any small business that needs to get better control by obtaining better management information.