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Today is Valentine’s Day! Typically it is used to show your love and appreciation for your significant other. But what if we were to flip that around a bit? Use today not only to show how much you care to your husband or wife, but to your clients! Shoot them a message saying, “hey, thinking […]

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It really doesn’t have to be hard…

When it comes to life, you can do things the hard way or the easy way. You can…. hand write checks or you can do online banking hit the snooze button or wake up with your first alarm wait a month to do your laundry and have it take hours or do it once a […]

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Happy New Year…or Chaotic New Year?

So it’s the end of 2016 and therefore, time for year-end organization and auditing. Are you ready? Typically, going through everything from the year and making decisions regarding what worked and what didn’t is a hassle….to say the least. But with our Excel-based system, keeping track of what you’ve looked at and what’s still on […]

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W5T Goes Mobile: Contacts on the Run

Have you ever needed a client’s cell phone number but not wanted to dig through stacks of paper or turn your laptop on just for that one little thing? Using the W5 Templates mobile app makes this possible! When you begin working with a client, you can save their phone numbers, home and work addresses, […]

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Herding Cats or Project Management

You start with your cats all neatly corralled on your “to do” list as the day begins.  You review which ones need some attention so they don’t wander off. You feed a few by making a phone call here or an e-mail there which helps to keep things moving forward. As the day progresses the […]

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Customer Reach Day (CRM), is Wednesday

Persistence pays off, week in and week out. So if you tried to reach that important customer on Monday, Wednesday is your day to try them back. Waiting for them to call you, will most likely not happen. The question is how do you remember who to call when?  You’ll need a customer management relationship […]

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Big Picture – See the forest and the trees

How you organize and keep track of your client and project information is an integral part of what will make you successful. I’ve talked to a lot of sales folks keeping track of their business conversations via e-mail organized into folders by client or project. One of the traps with “managing by e-mail” is the […]

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Monday Motivation

Motivation: Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time ~ Thomas A. Edison

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New Year Planning Starts Now

The closer we get to Thanksgiving, the closer we are to the new year.  From a business planning standpoint, if you haven’t already started thinking about the who, what, where, why and when (5Ws) of your business,  it’s time to start. The most basic form of a business plan should include your objective, strategies, the […]

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How do you – To Do?

How do you capture all of those ideas that pop into your head, during those inspirational moments, whenever they happen?  Are you able to remember them and write them down later or more likely as Christina Tosi comments in this weekend’s WSJ Soapbox on Innovation you “grab whatever’s convenient” and capture the thought as it […]

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