Keeping track of w….?

ID-10097475 by Stuart Miles

I’m the very definition of a type-A personality. I like everything neat, clean, and in order. However, even I fall by the wayside sometimes and find the dishes piling up or the laundry find it’s way out of the closet and on the floor instead.

In my personal life, I can do my best to keep it all together. Professionally? It’s not as hard!

With W5 Templates, it’s simple. All five W’s, as we like to put it, are attainable. How, you ask? It’s true. Here’s the way we do it:

Who. With our template, it’s easy to see who is working on a project, as well as who it’s for.

What. What are you doing with the project? That’s easy to find, as well. There’s a space just for it!

When. What are your deadlines? When are you meeting next to brainstorm? You can find that in a column, as well.

Where. Where is the client located? Where is your next meeting? Where are you on the project? All there.

Why. Why are you working on the project? What is it’s purpose? That’s there, too!

Want to give it a shot? Click here for the free trial!

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