How to Build a CRM Strategy in 5 Steps

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No matter how fancy or sophisticated the CRM tool, it only works as well as the people who manage it. If you wish to give you business’s customers more attention you must understand not only the technology but your employees who will be operating the software.


Here are 5 steps on how to create a sound CRM strategy so you can start tackling projects.


  1. Build a Dedicated CRM Team

If you have multiple departments using a CRM system, you can choose one person from each department to start building a CRM team. These employees should span across multiple departments and disciplines including sales, marketing, IT, customer support, customer service and management. This will give your entire CRM team a better understanding of the system as a whole and will help streamline communication across the company.


  1. Define the Vision of Your CRM Strategy

It’s important to recognize what you wish to accomplish with your CRM. Your vision should contain reasonable goals within the confines of a CRM software as well as be unique to your company. CRM will play a different role for every business that implements it.


  1. Develop a Strategy to Accomplish the Goals of that Vision

Once you have your vision and goals laid out it’s time to start developing the strategy. Having this roadmap will help keep you on track and get you where you need to go. CRM tends to work best in phased rollouts. As humans, immediate and sudden change can cause confusion and frustration. The early parts of your CRM strategy should include rollout phases to ease your employee’s into the new CRM system.


  1. Communicate Your CRM Vision with Your Team

It’s incredibly important to include EVERYONE in your CRM strategy and not just the CRM team you’ve assembled. Feedback is essential to making the CRM process efficient and easy to use. Your CRM vision can only be accomplished if you communicate it with the people who will be using it the most.


  1. Rollout Your CRM Strategy

Once your vision and strategy goals are in place and you’ve filled in your team you can start implementing your CRM strategy into your business. As days turn into weeks and weeks into months you’ll slowly start to see your CRM strategy ingrained into your organizational culture.


Creating, developing and launching a CRM strategy varies company by company.. It may takes weeks for some or months for others. What’s important is that you recognize the huge benefits that come along with CRM and gaining invaluable data from the inner-workings of your business and it’s customers.


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