Family Inc. needs some Organization

The Family Inc. article from Saturday’s WSJ, talks about parents taking solutions from the workplace and applying them to their households, got me thinking.  How do families organize their activities?  Back in the day it used to be fairly simple. Today not so much so.  While technology has made communicating more entertaining, it’s also made it harder for the heads of families to keep track of what’s going on.  Maintaining an accurate, easy to reference record of the kids last doctors appointment, when the tires on the SUV were last replaced, when the furnace filter needs to be changed, which distant relative’s birthday is coming up all need to be managed somehow.  I’ve had more than one friend tell me that the W5Templates product could be the answer. Tracking what’s coming up and having an easy to reference record of what’s happened in the past is key to any good household management system. An organized family, is a happy family.

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