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W5T Mobile Top 10

Awesome things you can do with the W5 Templates mobile app. 1. Voice record client / project notes 2. Call a client / one touch 3. Message a client 4. Record your business mileage 5. Record business expenses 6. Create a new contact 7. Edit a contact’s information 8. Have your phone navigate you to an […]

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What does it mean to “Do it yourself”, when it comes to CRM?  You want the ability to choose what you track, manage and control. But you don’t want something that’s complicated. Who does? The simplicity of the W5Templates approach, is a single Settings page, to make it easy to define the unique data fields you […]

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W5Templates for CRM – WHERE

WHERE in the world is the contact information for your clients and prospects?  It might be in your phone’s address contact list … and then again it might not be.  If you’re working as part of a team and sharing contact information, your colleague could have it and you don’t.  It’s frustrating when this happens, […]

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W5Templates for CRM – WHAT

What do you need a CRM for? Customer relationship management tools generally are used to track 4 different types of information: (1) Clients, (2) Prospects, (3) Marketing Activities and (4) Business Operations.  Small-Medium Business (SMB) owners generally just need to track clients, prospects and their related activities. As part of the WHAT, they also like to […]

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W5Templates for CRM – WHO

Who will benefit most from using W5Templates for their CRM needs? Small and Medium size business (SMB) owners will find the Excel based tool, plus the companion mobile app, will serve as “the administrative assistant you wish you had”. We understand SMBs don’t have the time or the financial resources to afford or implement a complicated […]

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W5 Templates Solution review on

W5 Templates is a simple solution aimed at assisting SMB’s & sales people with their CRM & Project Management needs. With over 125 users across the globe, W5 Templates is a company, which is multiplying at a rapid rate. Founder and owner, Dave Oshlag, is one of the nicest and most patient people I’ve had […]

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3 Ways to Improve Your CRM for Q4

The month of October isn’t only associated with fall and Halloween. For small to medium-sized businesses October marks the beginning of the end. The fourth quarter. Crunch time. Q4 is filled with major holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years so it may be hard to get your employees to focus on the many […]

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How to Build a CRM Strategy in 5 Steps

No matter how fancy or sophisticated the CRM tool, it only works as well as the people who manage it. If you wish to give you business’s customers more attention you must understand not only the technology but your employees who will be operating the software.   Here are 5 steps on how to create […]

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The True Meaning of Labor Day

We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend filled with fun, family, friends and good food. Many people think of Labor Day as an extended weekend that marks the end of summer; the last chance to jump in the swimming pool or have a backyard barbeque. Oh, and don’t you dare get caught wearing […]

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Why Pay for CRM when You Already Have Excel?

Some of you may be wondering, “Why should I pay for a CRM tool when I already have access to excel tools like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel?”. That’s an incredibly valid question. There are great benefits to a CRM that aren’t readily available in excel workbooks and sheets.       Two inherent benefits […]

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