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Taking the Road Less Traveled: Business Edition

Content borrowed from Microsoft Community Connections, with which we are affiliated. For more information on what this means, click here. Screw tactics. Do you desire to supercharge your business growth? If you answered ‘HELL YES’ then keep reading. In my experience, every time I hit the ceiling and the growth of my business slows, it […]

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W5T Mobile Top 10

Awesome things you can do with the W5 Templates mobile app. 1. Voice record client / project notes 2. Call a client / one touch 3. Message a client 4. Record your business mileage 5. Record business expenses 6. Create a new contact 7. Edit a contact’s information 8. Have your phone navigate you to an […]

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Git’er done!

We know, focusing and getting s*** done can be easier said than done. But, we’ve found a trick for you. According to this study, brief mental breaks are actually SUPER good for productivity levels. Here’s what Inc. has to say about it: It sounds counterintuitive, but taking scheduled breaks can actually help improve concentration. Some research […]

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Trick or Treat?

Lots of CRM templates are serious tricks. No, really. They make promise after promise and simply don’t deliver and are beyond complicated. Want a treat instead? Check out W5 Templates free trial! We make it easy for you. No more ghoulish tricks or spooky problems. We’re all Reese’s Cups and Kit Kats over here, we […]

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Sunday morning roll call

Reflect, Plan, Relax Start your week off on a great note. Take 60 minutes on Sunday morning reviewing your active and prospective projects. With no interruptions, it’s the perfect time to sit back and reflect. What progress did you make the week before and what do you need to focus on in the week ahead? To […]

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Be Prepared

It’s essential to have a networking plan. Allowing networking efforts to just happen can mean missed opportunities, wasted time and drained personal energy for owners. This is especially true for introverted entrepreneurs, for whom networking can already feel like a chore. Planning networking efforts, even when we take into account the necessary flexibility for unpredictable […]

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Fall-ing for Organization

This morning when I woke up, there was frost on my car. FROST! Imagine that. We’ve hit that time of year. Another time of year that we’ve hit? The busy season for businesses. Sales are going to start booming and life is going to get altogether more hectic. It’s going to be freezing outside and […]

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Red Light, Green Light

As kids we played red light, green light. A simple game of stop and start, where if you were caught moving as “red light” was called, you were out of the game.  As project, business and sales managers the game has changed to become, green, yellow and red. In this context – green is due […]

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Be a People Kinda Company

Content borrowed from Microsoft Community Connections, with which we are affiliated. For more information on what this means, click here. One of the greatest assets a small business has is the ability to connect with other people in a personal, genuine and authentic way. Nothing builds a business more quickly than trusted and solid relationships […]

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To Be or Not to Be

Be. The answer is to be. No, seriously. This may not be easy to hear, but there is no cut and dry way to manage your business and there is no model that will work for everyone. That means you need to be hyper-aware of your business and all of the ins and outs of […]

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