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You want me to do What ?

What are you doing? What are you asking me to do? What exactly has to happen? Here we have another powerful word with what. As so often is the case, the more you specify, the better. Clarifying expectations and requirements goes a long way to building a happy result. I’ll illustrate with a simple situation. […]

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From Project Manager to Project NINJA

Master your projects and meet all goals according to scope, quality, time and cost constraints with our 4 W5 Excel-based Templates for Project Management. 1. Productive Project Management 2. Marketing – Brands/Products 3. New Strategic Portfolio Score Card 4. New Manufacturing – Continuous Improvement

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6 in 10 SMBs Using Their CRMs for Email Marketing

This morning I read with great interest the Marketing Charts article on how CRM system customers are using their software, and what they value most of its capabilities. “SMBs are putting their customer relationship management systems (CRMs) to work for a range of use cases beyond just management of prospect and customer contact information.” Results […]

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Introducing W5T for Brand and Product Managers

Brand and Product Mangers – this productivity tool is for you.  Do you have an organized way to manage all the projects that center around running your brand or a product? Advertising, Market Research, New Product Development, Budgeting, Annual Planning, Public Relations …  The list of projects and details is long and diverse.  If you’re […]

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