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Red Light, Green Light

As kids we played red light, green light. A simple game of stop and start, where if you were caught moving as “red light” was called, you were out of the game.  As project, business and sales managers the game has changed to become, green, yellow and red. In this context – green is due […]

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Project Management Simplicity

While attending a family celebration this past weekend I was reminded of the importance of being organized and pre-planing. When I complemented our host on how smooth and seamless the activities flowed, she thanked me and interjected that she in fact did not consider herself an organized person. What did she do that made her […]

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The Three R’s

There is a theory that there are three R’s to forming habits. If you’ve read them, then keep reading. You never know where you will find inspiration. If you haven’t, then definitely keep reading. This will help you keep those resolutions in all aspects of life going, we promise. Reminder. This sounds obvious, but it […]

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Nonprofits Can Benefit Greatly from CRM

Nonprofit organizations are revered for their selfless natures of bettering certain causes or communities. Many nonprofit organizations are also accompanied by a chaotic environment of paperwork, funding and potential projects. Because many nonprofits cannot afford expensive organizational software, they often suffer undeserved consequences.   With a simple, straight-forward CRM software program like W5 Templates, nonprofits […]

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Improve Your Bottom Line Through Project Management

Lead your company to greater success and an improved bottom line by developing your project management skills. Wednesday, November 4, Pittsburgh PA | 8-10 am | Homewood Suites by Hilton, Pittsburgh Airport.  Presented by Dave Oshlag, President ~ Project Marketing Associates. Join us for this interactive, entertaining and high energy education seminar sponsored by the Pittsburgh […]

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W5 Templates Leaves an Impression at Carnegie Mellon University

Last week, CMU wrote an article on the 5 W’s of Project Management which covered the origins and features of W5 Templates. Carnegie Mellon is a private research university that is widely known and respected around the globe for its innovation and forward-thinking.   Here’s a quick excerpt from the article:   Using the “5 […]

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4 Ways Technology Advances Project Management

Project management has existed for centuries, even as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Telegraph Courses recently reported that project management techniques were key to enabling the Egyptians to complete the Great Pyramids at Giza. However, project management has come a long way since the building of the pyramids. Over the past few years, technology […]

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3 Reasons It’s Important to Implement a CRM As Soon As Possible

Growth and focus is important for any Small or medium-sized business is essential if they hope to succeed. The easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is with a customer relationship management (CRM) system. If you haven’t implemented a CRM tool with your business, it’s best to start early while your company is still […]

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What’s Your Project Management Challenge ?

Every employee managing projects has them, whether they realize it or not. Challenges. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some common ones are: 1. No published list of action items from the last meeting 2. Not enough resources – people or $ 3. Lack of time to get your work done 4. Absence of senior management […]

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You want me to do What ?

What are you doing? What are you asking me to do? What exactly has to happen? Here we have another powerful word with what. As so often is the case, the more you specify, the better. Clarifying expectations and requirements goes a long way to building a happy result. I’ll illustrate with a simple situation. […]

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