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Nonprofits Can Benefit Greatly from CRM

Nonprofit organizations are revered for their selfless natures of bettering certain causes or communities. Many nonprofit organizations are also accompanied by a chaotic environment of paperwork, funding and potential projects. Because many nonprofits cannot afford expensive organizational software, they often suffer undeserved consequences.   With a simple, straight-forward CRM software program like W5 Templates, nonprofits […]

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How to Build a CRM Strategy in 5 Steps

No matter how fancy or sophisticated the CRM tool, it only works as well as the people who manage it. If you wish to give you business’s customers more attention you must understand not only the technology but your employees who will be operating the software.   Here are 5 steps on how to create […]

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Enabling Excel Macros – How To

Below, is a link to a PDF illustrating how to enable Excel macros for Windows as well as MAC based computers. Please contact us should you have an additional questions. Thanks ~ Dave Oshlag, Founder W5T Enabling Excel Macros (PDF)

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Aaron Grau, President Grau and Associates, Customer Testimonial

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Customer Management using W5T

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Project Management using W5Templates


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Settings Page Examples

Link to screen captures of all our current products Setting Pages (click here) CRM Sales Small Business Real Estate Management Project Management Product Development Marketing – Brands/Products Job Searches College Applications

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Introducing Version 3.0 for 2013

Happy New Year to all.  As we launch into 2013 we’re introducing W5T version 3.0 which contains the following new features and increased functionality. Users now have the added ability to modify a number of the standard contact field names, from the newly restructured Settings page. We’ve added an Export Option which creates a CSV […]

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Accessing via the Cloud – Dropbox, CloudOn, Rock On …

To remotely access any Excel file, put it in your computer Dropbox account and then access it from your ipad or Android tablet using the web app ClouldOn.  Works like a charm !

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Frequently Asked Questions

  Q1: What platforms does the template function on? A: Windows XP and 7: Office 2003, 2007 and 2010, and Mac OS X: Office 2011.   Q2: How to get started? A: Read the “How to Use” section on the Home page. Q3: How to add contacts or clients to the Dashboard page? A:  Click […]

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