Be a People Kinda Company


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One of the greatest assets a small business has is the ability to connect with other people in a personal, genuine and authentic way. Nothing builds a business more quickly than trusted and solid relationships with customers, vendors, the community and other businesses. This is what leads to building a brand of quality, a reputation of trust and loyal following, not to mention a huge competitive edge! Most small businesses are spending most of their time and money on social media these days – which is great and necessary – but nothing beats actually meeting and getting to know other people and learning how you can help them with your product or service. Put YOURSELF out there!

A great way to keep in contact with your clients and ensure that you’re reaching out to all of them is to keep track of all of them in one, easy to find place. One feature of W5 Templates is the ability to not only have all of your clients in one easy-to-access place but to be able to keep track of when you have meetings and coffee dates with them! This way you’ll be able to be in good contact with them, but know exactly who and when is meeting with them, as well as take notes on your phone, laptop, or tablet! It’s the best of both worlds!

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